Eucharist at national cathedral celebrates sharing agreement

Gina Campbell, an ordained United Methodist minister, is canon precentor at Washington National Cathedral and has participated in leading services there for nearly five years. But she was not allowed to preside over the Eucharist until January 25.

The cathedral, which considers itself a “house of prayer for all people,” is an Episcopal congregation, and only re­cently did the Episcopal Church and the United Methodist Church come to an “interim eucharistic sharing” agreement. The January 25 service commemorated the new relationship between the two churches.

“The sacramental part of my vocation—which, for me, has always been the deepest way I have experienced assurance of my calling—can now live with full expression,” Campbell said in a statement. “By God’s grace, and with human cooperation, the brokenness of Christ’s body continues to heal.”

Gary Hall, dean of Washington National Cathedral, noted in a statement that Campbell can now also preside at baptisms at the cathedral.

“As the cleric directing our worship, Gina has brought depth and skill to the crafting of cathedral services,” Hall said. “It is a gift to us that she will now be fully authorized to stand at the table as a full participant in liturgical leadership.”


Christian Century staff

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