Toddler on the loose: Case by case

Congregational life presents a broad range of conflicts and dilemmas in which theological and ecclesial issues are entwined with the complex drama of human relations. Such challenges are also moments in which Christian witness can be clarified. This fictional narrative, which is followed by an analysis, is the fifth in a series.

Serena Davis had been chair of the worship committee at St. Miscellaneous for about two years, and she enjoyed the task. She and her small committee were primarily responsible for readying the sanctuary for the various liturgical seasons. She quickly came to appreciate what a useful teaching tool the different colored paraments and stoles could be for the children (and adults) attending worship.

Before serving in the field of worship, she’d served on the education committee for years. She asked for a change because her own children had reached junior high school, and she felt that other members should step up and act as role models in Sunday school and youth group. She still gave the children’s sermon sometimes, and she volunteered for the Sun­days when the colors changed so she could talk about the meaning of the seasons.