Muslims decry killings in Pakistan, Kenya and Iraq

September 26, 2013

The Muslim Public Affairs Council condemned the actions of extremists who have killed hundreds during the weekend of September 20–22 in Pakistan, Kenya and Iraq.

The violence took the lives of innocent women, men and children as they were engaged in daily activities at houses of worship, malls and even funerals, said officials of MPAC in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.

News reports said that in Pakistan at least 78 Christian worshipers were killed by dual suicide bombers as they were leaving a historic, 130-year-old Anglican church in the northwest region of the country. The church was providing the hungry with free meals and had lined up worshipers in the main courtyard of the church as the two simultaneous blasts rocked the building. The Taliban-linked militant group Jundullah claimed responsibility within hours of the attack, according to Reuters.

“Those who have committed this heinous act have gone beyond basic principles of humanity,” said Salam al-Marayati, MPAC president. “There is no cause that can justify the killing and maiming of young children, the elderly and the most innocent in society. This perverted mindset that sheds blood without regard to any humanity must be confronted and challenged by all of us; we must all work together to fight this type of extremism.”

In Kenya a hostage crisis continued to unfold after members of the Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab took over a mall, killed more than 68 people and took dozens of people hostage. Al-Shabaab is opposed by government forces and the Somali people, MPAC said, but to gain attention it has now attacked innocent civilians.

Violence has continued to plague Iraq as well, MPAC said. Over the weekend about 100 members of the Shi‘a community were killed in attacks around the country. In just one attack 72 mourners were killed as they gathered to engage in funeral services in Baghdad’s Sadr City.

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