To mark the anniversary of 9/11, we asked five Century contributors to reflect on the attacks and the decade that followed. Here are their responses:

  • Scott Bader-Saye, a teacher at the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest and author of Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear


  • Michael Lindvall, pastor of the Brick Presbyterian Church in New York; his books include The Good News from North Haven


  • Stephen Paul Bouman, executive director of Evangelical Outreach and Congregational Mission for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and author of Grace All Around Us: Embracing God's Promise in Tragedy and Loss 


  • Robin Lovin, professor of ethics at Southern Methodist University, who recently wrote Christian Realism and the New Realities


  • John Paul Lederach, professor of international peacebuilding at the University of Notre Dame and author of The Moral Imagination: The Art and Soul of Building Peace