Episcopalians see 'genuine holiness' in gay relationships: Statement in report to Anglican Consultative Council

July 12, 2005

Leaders of the Episcopal Church, in an analysis requested by Anglican peers overseas, stood by their decision to ordain an openly gay bishop and to bless same-sex unions, with a report arguing that there is a “genuine holiness” among gays and lesbians.

A 130-page report was drafted by seven U.S. theologians and presented to the Anglican Consultative Council, a global steering committee of the 77- million-member Anglican Communion that met June 20-28 in Nottingham, England.

In February, senior Anglican bishops asked the U.S. and Canadian churches to “voluntarily withdraw” their delegates to the ACC meeting and instead explain their rationale for blessing gay unions and allowing openly gay bishop V. Gene Robinson to serve in New Hampshire.

Stating that the Bible does not speak of homosexual “faithful and committed lifelong unions,” the U.S. report contended that committed gay relationships can be “open to God’s blessing and holy purposes.” –Religion News Service

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