Muslim group partners with temperance body: "A sacred campaign"

May 4, 2004

The Islamic Society of North America, a leading Muslim umbrella group, is partnering with the National Temperance and Prohibition Council to work on reducing alcohol consumption. The council, which includes Christian-based temperance groups, was hosted for its annual meeting in mid-March at the Islamic headquarters in Plainfield, Indiana.

“We share the same feeling about temperance and prohibition and consider this a sacred campaign,” Sayyid Syeed, secretary-general of the society, told council members, according to the Associated Press. The society joined the temperance council last year—“a powerful boost for us,” said Allen Rice, a clergyman with the Michigan Interfaith Council on Alcohol Problems. “They will bring numbers, resources and inspiration.”

During the business meeting, ten resolutions were passed, including one calling for a reduction in the amount of alcohol in medications and another aimed at countering television ads that make consumption of alcohol attractive to young people. –Religion News Service