Jan 12, 2010

vol 127 No. 1

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Members from more than 500 congregations marched in Charlotte, North Carolina, last October as part of the “10 Percent Is Enough” campaign. While conceding that careless spending is the chief cause of consumer debt and needs to be addressed, march organizers object to credit companies' enticing offers of easy credit, their increased interest rates and their profitable penalties. The "10 percent" campaign proposes a cap on interest rates.
January 12, 2010

R-rated scripture

Occasionally I’ve tried to hide what I am reading, lest someone catch me perusing a work that they think is too salacious for a minister to read. I’ve never done that while reading the Bible. But then I’ve never before read a book of the Bible illustrated by R. Crumb, godfather of the graphic novel.In turning his talent to producing The Book of Genesis Illustrated, Robert Crumb—usually credited as R. Crumb since he made a name for himself in underground newspapers of the 1960s—has found more sex and gore than even he can represent on the page, though he makes a game effort at getting it all in.
January 11, 2010

How wide is God's mercy? One of Shane Claiborne's non-Christian friends asked if Claiborne thought the friend was going to hell. "I hope not," replied Claiborne. "It will be hard to enjoy heaven without you." If we "do not believe God's grace is big enough to save the whole world," says Claiborne, "we should at least pray that it is" (www.esquire.com).
January 12, 2010