Let’s rest our souls, by Mandy Ford

A  lot of us have “keeper cards”—those accessible art cards and greeting cards we put on the fridge, keep as a reminder, or fold into the pages of our favorite books. They hold a quote or image that draws us, that we want to return to. Maybe we’re drawn to the lettering, the colors, the illustration. We might prize the words that remind us to pay attention to the soul, the night sky, the brisk cold, the end of the day, the constellation coming alive across the night sky.

Elegy for eulogies

Sometimes we were surprised  
or not
but always we felt bad
to hear
there’ll be no funeral
no kind
of memorial service
no way
to celebrate those lives
a pixeled program on
a screen.

All of us did our best
but still
it seemed like standing at
the graves
of souls forever marked

December thaw

Mist rose from every morsel    as if all of earth          exhaled

Stumps         once-stiff          sank        into damp wormdirt

Ice-green salt scattered    sidewalks     like     shattered   glass