MCC sends relief to Cubans in crisis

Over the last two years, pandemic travel restrictions have deprived Cubans of one of their most important sources of income: tourism. That plus new 2020 restrictions that have made it harder for Cubans abroad to send money back home have put Cuba in what some are calling a dire situation.

Without a steady stream of beachgoers coming in and out of the country, Cuba’s already hampered economy is barely hanging on. The country hasn’t seen scarcity like this since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s.

Hyacinth Stevens to lead MCC East Coast

Hyacinth Stevens has been named the executive director of Mennonite Cen­tral Committee’s East Coast office. Stevens will replace Bruce Campbell-Janz, who is stepping down after ten years in the role.

For the past seven years, Stevens has worked as MCC’s New York City program coordinator, where she helped the New York Mennonite Immigration Program achieve nonprofit status and Board of Immigration Appeals accreditation.