Hope without Optimism, by Terry Eagleton

This provocative book portrays hope as a virtue, a moral orientation that can be cultivated actively, a matter of will.


Pure Christian sex?

A review of Sarah Moslener and Dianna Anderson

Human sexuality is fraught, particularly when mixed with the complexities of culture, religion, patriarchy, and adolescence.


The science of injustice

A review of Adam Benforado

The Enlightenment view of autonomous human subjects is built into the law, so the criminal justice system floats on myths and superstitions.


The myth of a religion/science conflict

A review of Peter Harrison

Are science and religion enemies or friends? Neither, says Peter Harrison—but they're both forms of virtue.


Vainglory, by Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung

Spring books

If vainglory is about stealing glory from God, it is unintelligible outside the house of faith. This may explain why Rebecca DeYoung's book flows against the current of attempts to reclaim narcissism and pride.