Becca Stevens's favorite books for ministry

Fall books

What are the best books for ministry written in the 21st century? We asked seven pastors to pick their favorites. — Ed.


Approaching the End, by Stanley Hauerwas

Stanley Hauerwas’s book is about learning how to die and training how to be human. Broadly speaking, it is a book about time and purpose—or, better said, the purpose of time.


Knowledge through suffering

It takes a lifetime, as well as a remarkable life, to write a book like Eleonore Stump's Wandering in Darkness.


False Hopes, by Daniel Callahan

Medicine, Daniel Callahan argues, has become the sustainer of false hope in the face of death and dissolution. Callahan calls for a medicine more modest in its aspirations and more careful in its promises. Giving up the illusion that it can extend life indefinitely for a few, this new medicine would devote itself to making life better for the many.