István to Steven to Stefánie

Susan Faludi’s memoir reveals the deep complexity of her father’s many identities.


Answers without questions

Reading Steve and Sharol Hayner's cancer story, I found myself taking on the role of Job's adversary.


Poverty and blame in Appalachia

More jobs would help, says J. D. Vance. So would a stronger work ethic.


Faith, learning, and scandal

A review of Donald D. Schmeltekopf

Baylor transformed itself from a regional Baptist teaching institution into an internationally recognized Protestant research university—but not without scandal.


Roots and Sky, by Christie Purifoy

Even in the jagged edges of life, God’s glory shines. And we are the cultivators of this glory.


Bipolar Faith, by Monica A. Coleman

Honest and harrowing, this spiritual autobiography testifies to God’s persuasive presence in a life that bears family legacies of slavery, alcoholism, abuse, and mental illness.


Ambivalent motherhood

A review of Amy Seek

The physical reality of her son, the very tangible way that he is a part of her, will not go away. He is with her everywhere she goes.


Teaching love

A review of Mary Karr

Honestly facing the conflict of self with self—and choosing words that reveal its particular manifestations in one life—is hard, hard work.