The New Evangelical Social Engagement, edited by Brian Steensland and Philip Goff

Brian Steensland and Philip Goff's valuable anthology addresses a topic that usually flies under the media's radar: "new" evangelicals' progressive social engagement.


Sarah Osborn’s World, by Catherine A. Brekus

Spring books

Catherine Brekus introduces us to a disturbing, heartbreaking and improbably inspiring life. Sarah Osborn’s early years were an unending series of afflictions made worse by the austere Calvinism of her family and church. Born in England in 1714, Sarah emigrated to America with her parents, who settled in Rhode Island.


Evangelical and gay

Justin Lee's book is more than charitable to his Southern Baptist origins. But his heart-wrenching stories speak for themselves.


God at hand

How did evangelicals develop their belief in an invisible God? T. M. Luhrmann argues that they created a space in their imagination.