Man on a Ledge

February 21, 2012

Man on a Ledge is a nifty little entertainment about an ex-cop (Sam Worth­ing­ton) framed for stealing a diamond owned by a ruthless magnate (Ed Har­ris). He escapes from custody and stages a suicide threat on the window ledge of Harris's hotel as a diversion while his allies break into his accuser's vault to prove the theft was a hoax.

The script by Pablo F. Fenjves contains a few glitches but is entertaining and good-humored, and director Asger Leth keeps the film moving. Worthington is a bit of a stiff; Harris has, to put it kindly, played more rewarding roles. But Elizabeth Banks and Genesis Rodriguez give feisty performances, and the supporting cast is enhanced by the presence of Anthony Mackie, Titus Welliver, Bill Sadler and the inventive, athletic Jamie Bell as Worth­ington's daredevil kid brother.

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