The Undoing of Death, by Fleming Rutledge

November 19, 2002

This is a superb compilation of 25 years worth of Fleming Rutledge's sermons. Three-fourths of the book focuses on Holy Week, and the balance addresses Easter Sunday and Eastertide. Preachers will find Fleming's sermons offering insight into the first, often neglected days of Holy Week especially rewarding.

The Undoing of Death is notable not only for its insights but for Rutledge's breadth of descriptive material. Her allusions to literature, music, painting, sports, everyday life and parish vignettes are striking. That there is not one "canned" sermon illustration in 360 pages is among the many things that distinguish this book.

Rutledge tackles thorny theological arguments. Her analysis is well thought-out and convincing. Some 30 reproductions of woodcuts and painting add a great deal to one's enjoyment of the book.