Top films of '05

June 12, 2006

He introduces each poet with a brief biography or an overview of the poet’s work. Hirsch draws on his own lifetime of poetry reading and writing in assembling an engrossing collection that will serve those who appreciate poetry but are glad for a guide. The international collection of poems and poets testifies to the power of poetry around the globe. An index is included.

Scientist Jane Goodall has increasingly turned her energy from chimpanzee research to global advocacy. In Harvest for Hope, she outlines the problems of corporate agriculture, water crises and food waste, and urges the reader to respond. But while Goodall’s convictions are sure and her credentials respected, others have done a better job of naming the crises and infusing their explanations with an understanding of economic and political realities. Most interesting here are her own stories from Tanzania.

Tracey Lind tempers what might have been an indulgent memoir by juxtaposing her personal reflections with the story of Trinity Cathedral (Episcopal) in Cleveland, Ohio, where she serves as dean. The blend is a successful portrait of urban ministry, both personal and public, and is enhanced by Lind’s photographs.