About the House

Morning extends multiple beaks, multiple claws, 
Light on light, through the east window. 
I refuse them all, the whole aviary. 
I can make something larger from the dark 
Inside myself, dark I fortify for times like this. 
It’s my spirit-animal I ride, salvaged 
From mazes circling my childhood. 
I’m saddling as I speak, bit already in place, 
My reins by necessity loose as always. 
OK. I’m ready. Accompanied by my friend 
The wind, we’re going out to seek 
New labyrinths we’ll sanctify with grace 
The multiple darks gift us, shadows around the sun 
Turning themselves to cities we will conquer 
Inside myself, new castles we’ll erect from rubble, 
Here in my living room, in the old blue, 
Overstuffed chair, my feet propped up.