Ruth Everhart

Ruth Everhart is an author, Presbyterian minister and clutter clearer. She blogs at Love the Work (do the work), part of the CCblogs network.

For the last few Sundays I’ve filled the pulpit for a small church that has lost its critical mass. Attendance has dwindled to a faithful few, all of whom are running out of energy. Not a happy situation. Still, when I enter the church building, I feel a sense of welcome and warmth from the folks who are keeping the place afloat. Last Sunday we had visitors, an older couple, tall and friendly-faced.
October 20, 2015

I was walking through an unfamiliar residential neighborhood to get some exercise, going at a good clip when I was brought to a sudden halt because the sidewalk disappeared. A certain establishment had not installed sidewalks along its considerable property line. The name of the establishment? Health Network. I could not continue my healthy walk past the Health Network, but had to turn around. Sometimes I think this is what the church must seem like to people outside the church—an establishment that says one thing on its sign, and another thing by its behavior.
June 14, 2015

I submit that there are two kinds of ministers: ministers who’ve been hurt by the church, and ministers who haven’t been hurt by the church, yet. I suppose you could apply this bifurcation to any group of persons. 
May 27, 2015