Peter Boumgarden

Peter Boumgarden teaches strategy and organization at Washington University in St. Louis.

Last month, I spent some time at the Sundance Film Festival. In a recent post, I noted the difference between marketing films to Christians and the possibility of film as a transformative space in the life of a Christian. Instead of imagining Christians as a set audience whose worldview we don’t want to disturb, I wonder if we could use Christianity’s specific theological language to enliven our understanding of film. Could Christianity’s theological lens illuminate elements of film that other cultural perspectives miss? Perhaps the best example of this possibility that I saw at Sundance came from watching the Justin Kelly film I am Michael.
February 11, 2015

2014 has been described as the year that Hollywood found faith. But if the first-ever panel on faith and film at the Sundance Film Festival is any indication, the discovery of theological depth is still quite a ways off.
February 2, 2015