Wm. Michael Jinkins

Michael Jinkins is president of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

“What will survive of us is love,” writes Philip Larkin in his remarkably unsentimental poem “An Arundel Tomb.” He is reflecting on the recumbent stone effigy over the grave of a couple buried long ago in an ancient church. Maybe we should take a step further, however, and say that love is that which not only “survives” but also rises, or is raised, from any and every grave. This is especially important to bear in mind in the face of all the threats to love, those powers and forces that try to bury it.
April 23, 2012

“People must believe what they can,” writes George MacDonald, “and those who believe more must not be hard on those who believe less.” Faith is a gift. We don’t produce it ourselves. We receive it. And we certainly can’t brag about having more of it than other people do.
April 16, 2012