Maria L. Evans

Maria L. Evans lives in Missouri and blogs at Kirkepiscatoid, part of the CCblogs network.

One of the funny sidelights of owning a chiminea (and Facebooking about making fires in it on a frequent basis) is that I have kind of become the "Parish incinerator for holy objects." Things like slightly "off-smelling" chrism, leftover blessed palm fronds, or worn out corporals or altar linens seem to find their way into my chiminea to be burned. I think part of it is folks in my parish know I love to burn stuff, and they also know my fire-sitting spot is, at least to me, a holy space.
April 8, 2011

One of the problems with moving forward is that there are times that require looking back--and not with nostalgia. I was recently visiting with a friend who is a Vietnam veteran, describing "then" and "now." He described it like this: "When I came home, I sort of put all that stuff in a package. You know, when I was in country, we always said "When I get back to the world, I'm gonna...etc. etc." It was sort of like Vietnam was "another world."
November 5, 2010