James W. McCarty III

James W. McCarty III is a doctoral student in ethics at Emory University. His blog is part of the CCblogs network.

I have long said that one day I’d like to write an article or a book examining the theology and social ethics of Les Miserables. The recent release of the newest film adaptation has spurred some theological commentary across the internet on this subject. Two of the best examples of this are Beth Haile’s use of the film as a typology of ethical theories and Richard Beck’s “missional” interpretation of individual mercy in light of social justice.
January 15, 2013

Recently I wrote a piece responding to Tony Perkins’s piece at CNN in which he claims that Jesus was not an occupier, but was “a free-marketer.” Well, his piece upset me so much I’ve decided to write another response to that ludicrous claim.
December 14, 2011