Taking Jesus Seriously

A conversation with Liam Miller on racism, a whitened Jesus, and the subversive character of the kingdom of God

I periodically get interviewed on a range of subjects. Sometimes its in relation to my blogging or doctoral studies research, but increasingly the invitations come in response to my book, Trouble I've Seen: Changing the Way the Church Views Racism. I'm grateful to have a platform that provides me with ample opportunities to address how white supremacy has entangled itself deeply into American theology in general, and the life of white churches in particular. For too long this reality has been avoided and sidestepped. I'm committed to the church and believe that with our God, who is able, we can become something new.

Well I recently had the pleasure of conversing about some of these things with Liam Miller who lives over in Australia. Since white supremacy is also a global reality, many like Liam have found deep overlaps between the experiences of black people in the United States with those of aboriginals in Australia. I was able to sit and have a brief conversation with him about racism, a whitened Jesus, and the reign of God. I thought you might appreciate the conversation as well. Let me know what you think. 

Drew G. I. Hart

Drew G. I. Hart is an author and professor in theology and ethics. His blog Taking Jesus Seriously is hosted by the Century.

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