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3 blog posts I wrote on the significance of Trayvon from 2012

In light of the annivesary of Trayvon Martin's killing, which is 2/26/12, I thought it would be appropriate to share 3 of my old posts that were written during that time. In many ways, Trayvon's death radicalized my mouth and pen to speak more truthfully and transparently about what was going on in me and our white dominated society. Each piece was different, and served various purposes and intentions. Let me know what stood out to you. If there was something you appreciated, disagreed with, or need more clarification on, please start a conversation below in the comment section. Of course, also remember these were written about 3 years ago, and so my thoughts have and are always maturing, and when necessary, radically changing directions and trajectories. May we all stand in solidarity with all the particular bodies that are more vulnerable than others in our society, as Jesus himself did in his own life.

My first post was calling out white Christian leaders, particularly twitter peers that claimed a desire for "racial diversity" yet seemed oblivious to the pain of the Black community. Here is "Trayvon Martin and the white Christian leader's response":


This next post is a complicated one for me. In many ways it is one of my favorite posts that I have written, though there are some subtle points I made that I disagreed with. Particularly some of the respectability language that was mixed into the resistance I call for. Also, the universality of the closing didn't feel right. Those little things aside, I really love this post. Here is "The Hoodie (Revisted and Expanded): Racialized Gaze and Trayvon Martin":


Finally, there is this last post which was written as a response to Zimmerman's getting off, which I explain I fully expected, and yet unexpectantly I was still crushed. Simon of Cyrene is considered in relation to black life in America. Here is "Pain Medicine: Trayvon, Simon of Cyrene, and Jesus":


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