More on pastoral courtesy in Richland County, Wisconsin

April 4, 2014

My article in the March 19 issue tells the story of Larry Engel and Mike Breininger, two pastors in Richland County, Wisconsin, who were able to bridge a longstanding impasse between conservative and liberal pastors by beginning a conversation about their own theological and political differences. The result? A friendship between two pastors, cooperation among area pastors, and a jumpstart to initiating and sustaining needed community services. 

Since the Century article came out, Mike reports that he was at a Wisconsin State Associations Leaders meeting in Madison and talked with two state leaders who had read it. They commented on the positive impact of the ministries in Richland County and said that they’d like to see more local cooperation among churches.

Some readers have asked for a copy of the “Pastoral Courtesies” document that helped revive the local ministerial association. Mike and Larry have graciously sent it to us; you’ll find it posted here.