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August 28, 2013

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New today (and yesterday) from the Century:

    • John Buchanan on the March on Washington: "I wanted to join a group of pastors going to the March on Washington. But I had young children and no money for bus fare and meals, so I didn’t. I've rued it ever since." (subscription required)
    • From the archives, the Century's coverage of the march: "'Integrate the integration march!' said the headline. The editors joined the NCC and others in calling for '40,000 white churchmen' to participate in the March on Washington."
    • Amy Frykholm talks to Scott Korb about Zaytuna College: "The school believes that there is no way for Islam to grow in this country unless Muslims build institutions that approach the culture with openness."
    • Gary Anderson on almsgiving in scripture: "In the Bible, forgiveness involves repayment of what is owed. One way to pay down the debt is through charity to the poor." (subscription required)


In the news:

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