More on faith and gun control

March 26, 2013

A couple of brief follow-ups to both my post on eucharistic witness on gun control and my article in the latest issue of the magazine.

First, a group of Episcopalian leaders and members held a demonstration of sorts yesterday amid Washington D. C.'s latest weather misery. Twenty-two bishops from around the country met with White House staff to discuss impending legislation to reduce gun violence. Then they led hundreds down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol in an observance of the Stations of the Cross. 

I haven’t seen anything yet on how the group adapted the various Stations to the message, but you can find quotes and pictures in a number of Twitter feeds: Episcopal News Service, Canticle Communications and The Cross Lobby, among others. I like the idea: it’s a creative approach, and well-rooted in church tradition. UPDATE: The Stations liturgy is available online from the Diocese of Connecticut.

Second, a reminder that not everyone in the church is on the same page when it comes to gun control. A group of pastors from Williston, North Dakota want the right to allow concealed carry in their pews, regardless of state law. "The whole idea of a gun-free zone is inherently dangerous," says one.

I can't help wondering if there's someone they could talk to about that. Someone who offers peace and protection to his followers? Just a thought.