"I need to be educated by someone who actually wants to be a teacher."

July 20, 2012

I grew up with the Onion—before it was national, it was a Wisconsin thing—and I've long been especially fond of the "Point/Counterpoint" columns. (A favorite—beware the strong language.) This week, the satirical paper published one of the best yet.

It's not that funny actually; like the best Colbert bits, it's good because it's too busy being genuinely outraged to land too many laughs. The point: "My year volunteering as a teacher helped educate a new generation of underprivileged kids." The counterpoint: "Can we please, just once, have a real teacher?" The latter written by a fourth grader:

Just once, it would be nice to walk into a classroom and see a teacher who has a real, honest-to-God degree in education and not a twentysomething English graduate trying to bolster a middling GPA and a sparse law school application. . . . I fully understand that our nation is currently facing an extreme shortage of teachers and that we all have to make do with what we can get. But does that really mean we have to be stuck with some privileged college grad who completed a five-week training program and now wants to document every single moment of her life-changing year on a Tumblr?

For crying out loud, we're not adopted puppies you can show off to your friends.


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