The nonnegotiable vs. the unmentioned

April 25, 2012

It's no big shock that the Catholic bishops' religous freedom campaign is being crafted by others into far more partisan messages than anything from the bishops themselves. ("Your vote will affect the future"--a future threatened deeply and exclusively by assaults on life, marriage and religious freedom--"and be recorded in eternity"). That's very intense of you, Catholics Called to Witness, but also pretty predictable.

What is shocking is this bit of brazenness and/or oversight, which Grant Gallicho noticed: the group's website has a page called "Other Teachings," but there's nothing on it.

To be fair, the site in its present form isn't focused entirely on the evil trinity of abortion, gay people and Kathleen Sebelius--there's also a fourth section on school choice and opting out of sex ed classes. As for the "other teachings," I guess Catholics Called to Witness will just have to wait till the church comes out with some more.


Other Important Issues Sidelined

A concerned Roman Catholic friend shared the intensity or the anti-Obama campaign in her local church. It appears to be well organized and effective. It is also a convenient way to move the focus away from longstanding and troubling issues in the RC; predator priests and their victims, homosexuality and the priesthood, women priests, and married priests. Perhaps a good offense is better than systemic justice.