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New today from the Century:

  • Amy Frykholm on Ashes to Go: "Ashes to Go speaks
    to me with an innate appeal: I am currently a homeless Christian, a wanderer without a
  • The editors on Rick Santorum's antipoverty rhetoric: "If Santorum wins the nomination, this could have at least one positive outcome: a general election campaign in which
    the candidates actually talk about poverty."
  • John Buchanan on conflict over abortion rights: "I recall three times when the churches I served were picketed. The one
    that was by far the most traumatic had to do with abortion." (subscription required)
  • Steve Thorngate on Santorum's "phony theology" comment: "It'd be amazing to hear Obama respond by quoting Wendell Berry
    on 'that idiotic term "the environment," which refers to a world that
    surrounds us but is presumably different from us and distant from us.'
    Failing this, it'd be nice if Obama would at least reverse his support for fracking."
  • Two lectionary reflections by Phyllis Kersten: a blog post on this Sunday's readings and a magazine column on next Sunday's (the latter requires a subscription)
  • Steve Vineberg reviews The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (subscription required)


In the news: