Wednesday digest

January 4, 2012

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New today (and yesterday) from the Century:

  • Walter Brueggemann reviews Piet J. Naudé's book on the Belhar Confession: "In the long struggle for freedom in South Africa, parts of the church
    played a major role, even as other parts colluded with the apartheid
    regime. Few actions in that struggle were more important than the Belhar

  • Grant Wacker's six-word gospel: "Christ offers new life for all."
  • Frank Honeycutt on the Jeremiah's vexing task: "The thing about serving as a prophet is that you are forever stuck between what God wants and what the people want." (subscription required)
  • Richard Kauffman on political candidates who despise the office: "If my pastor got up some Sunday and said, 'I am not a pastor. I'm just a regular person,' I'd respond like this: 'Well, we
    hired you to be a pastor, and if you have a problem with it you should find
    another line of work.'"


In the news: