Monday digest

January 9, 2012

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New today from the Century:

  • The editors on the meat industry, antibiotics and the FDA: "Many Americans believe that unfettered business
    benefits us all. But what about when an industry's profit motive pushes it to endanger public health?"

  • Carol Howard Merritt interviews Meredith Gould: "Within days of her wedding, Meredith Gould started writing Getting #Married to explain the why as well as the how of using social media to celebrate the sacred."
  • Cynthia Weems blogs the lectionary: "It's hard to believe that any preacher would choose to
    preach on this week's epistle reading. There are words here rarely spoken in
    our sanctuaries, and using this text might get a preacher sent to
    denominational reform school."
  • Amy Frykholm points out that TIm Tebow wasn't the only devout Christian on the field yesterday: "A friend sent me
    an e-mail before yesterday's Steelers-Broncos playoff game. He titled it, 'The
    Steelers vs. God. Want to have brunch?'"
  • Steve Thorngate quibbles with Charles McGrath's Stephen Colbert profile: "McGrath's framework is that there used to be two Colberts, the man
    himself and the blowhard-pundit character. Now there's a third: a real
    live political actor. I think that's all about right. But I don't know
    why McGrath writes off Colbert's 2010 congressional testimony as part of
    the old paradigm."
  • John Petrakis reviews The Descendants: "Alexander Payne's film fancies itself a tragicomic story of spiritual
    redemption. But despite the many characters and subplots employed to help build the tale, it is a house of cards." (subscription required)


In the news: