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Our most popular blog posts in 2011

Here are the Century's most-viewed blog posts of the year. Thanks for reading.

  1. "Fear and relief," by Miroslav Volf: "We are right to feel a sense of relief that Osama bin Laden, a major source of evil, has
    been removed. But we should reflect also on the flip side of that
    relief: the nature of our fears."
  2. "Ten church models for a new generation," by Carol Howard Merritt: "I’m in a lot of conversations about why the denominational church isn’t
    working. But what about the communities that are ministering well? What
    about new communities?"
  3. "Rob Bell goes after stumbling blocks," by Bromleigh McCleneghan: "Paul tells us to 'resolve' never to put a hindrance to the gospel before another person—and resolve
    is what it takes. By initiating a conversation about hell, Rob Bell is putting his reputation on the line."
  4. "Perspectives on the young clergy crisis," by Carol Howard Merritt: "More than half of our small congregations cannot afford a full-time pastor, and many
    associate pastor positions were cut during the recent economic downturn.
    These are churches where
    seminary graduates would normally be heading, so what are the
    congregations doing instead?"
  5. "Are foodies gluttons?" by Steve Thorngate: "Foodies look pretty elitist if you focus on the grass-fed pork
    belly but ignore urban farms, anti-food-desert efforts
    and voucher systems--to say nothing of efforts to
    keep food dollars in rural communities."
  6. "More of the same?" by Gregory Metzger: "Criticism of Rick Perry's religious beliefs has been dismissed as just the same old secularist
    paranoia. But this misses the significance of the New Apostolic Reformation."
  7. "Losing trust," by Katherine Willis Pershey: "In a photo, my niece's class is watching a scene on the school stage. Fifth graders dressed in fatigues stand beneath an
    American flag, with their play guns all pointed at the same target: a child
    dressed as Osama bin Laden."
  8. "Back to which church?" by Katherine Willis Pershey: "When I saw the National Back to Church Sunday video, I immediately
    posted it on my Facebook wall with a one-word comment: 'Lovely.' Then
    the debate began."
  9. "The Daily Show's limits," by Chris Beneke and Randall Stephens: "'Open conversation that leads to nothing.' That's how Jon Stewart summed
    up his interview with popular right-wing historian David Barton. He was
  10. "Against Passion Sunday," by Karoline Lewis: "I understand the practical
    reasons for Palm Sunday's dual themes. But are such
    concerns rationale enough for downplaying the Palm Sunday experience of faith?"