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November 9, 2011

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New today from the Century:

  • Virginia Gilbert reviews Steve Earle's novel: "At a book signing,
    Steve Earle was speaking when someone leaned
    on a light switch and the windowless room went dark. 'Did I die?' Earle asked in a quiet voice."
  • Carol Howard Merritt describes her path to a strong sense that God is for us: "When I combined the popular ideas of God in my mind, I ended up with a
    strange stew—a lover God who would torture me with fire if I stepped out
    of line and bless me with diamonds if I obeyed. In other words, my
    image of God had a serious borderline personality disorder."
  • Steve Thorngate on the things Jon Hunstman will and won't say: "How is it possible that Huntsman sees his deep interest in Captain Beefheart's
    avant-psychedelic-weirdo music as a safe thing to talk about publicly,
    but not his understanding of the fact that, since presidents can't
    usually get every single thing that they want, 10 out of 11 isn't bad?"
  • A poem by Sydney Lea


In the news:

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