Tuesday digest

November 22, 2011

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New today from the Century:

  • Walter Brueggemann reviews Nicholas Wolterstorff, who "rejects egoism, eudaemonism and utilitarianism as inadequate ways to think about the practice of well-being." (subscription required)
  • Katherine Willis Pershey considers when and how to have her children baptized: "I was ordained to the Disciples denomination. But I'm serving in a congregation of the UCC, and the
    plan is to be here for a good long while. So what to do about baptizing our children?"
  • Bill Goettler's lectionary column for Sunday, December 4: "I saw Danny this week. He was walking down Church Street in downtown New
    Haven, pretending he had somewhere to go. I knew better." (subscription required)
  • Steve Thorngate highlights another sad story in Penn State's wake: "Blaming a victim for sexual violence--and for the inconvenience of
    addressing it instead of pretending it never happened--is par for the
    course, football or no football."


In the news:

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