Monday digest

November 28, 2011

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New today from the Century:

  • Barbara Brown Taylor on the redeeming darkness of Advent: "Darkness does not come from a different place than light; it is not presided over by a different God." (subscription required)
  • Bill Goettler blogs the lectionary: "Sometimes I want to
    pretend that there are no more prophets, that the prophetic word is locked into
    the biblical era. But them I'm reminded of the guy on my own porch."
  • Steve Thorngate on the new Muppets movie: "Years ago I cringed when I saw that the Onion sells a t-shirt with the slogan, 'I appreciate
    the Muppets on a much deeper level than you.' My friend John
    and I had just been discussing the Muppets' sly use of metafictional


In the news: