God, through Jesus Christ, welcomes you anyhow

November 14, 2011

What's the gospel in seven words? We asked theologians, pastors and others both to answer this question and to
expand on this in a few sentences. To see all the responses together as they're posted, bookmark this page. Add your own version here. --Ed.

God, through
Jesus Christ, welcomes you anyhow.

The gospel begins
and ends with God. Jesus makes God's action good news. But the word
"Jesus" alone doesn't help me; such Jesus is a nice guy, but I need
Jesus Christ, God's anointed. God
welcomes (or "accepts," etc.) you.
According to Luther, the words "for you" are the most important in
the sacraments (and preaching). "Anyhow"--fill in sin, guilt, pride, the
misfires of "spirituality"--implies that you weren't welcome without this
transaction, and that you bring nothing to it.


Good News in 7 words

Well, here I am sure you mean Jesu  Messiah as opposed to Jesus Christ – right?.
The term ‘Christos’ is anointed all right but Messiah is God’s anointed. Maybe
it is the cloud of Greek thought that is hanging over  everything; probably I will never quite
comprehend the western fixation about Christ but I do know well the eastern
preference for Messiah to Christ. Yes, I wasn’t, and you weren’t welcome without
the deal you refer to. You and I bring nothing into it?.  Wrong. You and I must bring in a ‘penitent, remorseful
heart’, without which the transaction signifies nothing.


I think I understand your point- one who doesn't see his or her need for grace can hardly appropriate it (own it appropriately). But 'remorseful' is a slippery slope, is it not? HOW remorseful, etc. God will have mercy upon whom He will so that no one can boast- not even in remorsefulness... Consider the prodigal- isn't he more shrewd than remorseful?

God, through Jesus

Is Jesus God, or is he the son of God?  Many like to think and say they are one in the same, but I think that being God through Jesus Christ is quite different.  As Christians we are to show God's love in all that we do as Jesus did.  He just happens to do it a whole lot better.  I think that saying Jesus is God gives us a scapegoat not to be fully obedient because we can easily say that Jesus could do it because He is God.