Friday digest

November 18, 2011

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New today from the Century:

  • Philip Jenkins remembers communist Europe: "Once upon a time—and not long ago—there was another Europe. The
    religious story of communist Europe, in which Christians suffered
    horrific persecutions, is forgotten by most Americans today."
  • Laura Olson reviews Martha Nussbaum, whose "perspective cuts to the heart of our tendency to exclude others when they
    fail to live up to expectations about how 'good
    people' should be."
  • Dora Dueck recalls the "population pollution" talk of the 1970s: "Many
    of our friends stopped at two [kids]; some of us braved three. The few couples
    who had four or even more were considered very courageous indeed — or
  • John Petrakis reviews the film Take Shelter, which "deals with the end of the world in a creepier and even more meta­phoric manner than von Trier's Melan­cholia."


In the news: