Everybody gets to grow and change

November 11, 2011

What's the gospel in seven words? We asked theologians, pastors and others both to answer this question and to
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Everybody gets to grow and change.

But not everyone will grow and change. On many days, I'm
the fly struggling and stuck to the kitchen counter, in a spot of jelly that
seemed like the ideal sweet landing spot at the time. It'll take a miracle to
get me unstuck. By following Jesus, I join a long line of sinners who want, but
do not deserve, much more out of life than the sum of our own actions. By
ignoring him, I'm stuck in my own results.


growing and changing

The magnificent thing about looking at Paul from a process point of view is how the wounded Saul grew into the wholeness of the Great Apostle. A lot of us dislike Paul, there are points that rile the soul; it is only when we see him as a growing person, a person who never stopped growing, that inspire us to stand up and salute.
Bob Collie