Christ's humanity occasions our divinity

November 17, 2011

What's the gospel in seven words? We asked theologians, pastors and others both to answer this question and to
expand on this in a few sentences. To see all the responses together as they're posted, bookmark this page. Add your own version here. --Ed.

humanity occasions our divinity.

According to both Irenaus
and Athanasios, God became like us so that we might become like God. Clement
observes that through obedience one "becomes a god while still walking in
the flesh." Cyril avers that as we are called "temples of God and
even gods, so we are." Gregory Naziansus admonishes us: "Become gods
for His sake." The consensus of the church fathers and mothers is that the
purpose of Christ's coming is to endow us with life, divine life, endlessly
becoming. Good journey!