Thursday digest

October 27, 2011

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New today from the Century:

  • Philip Jenkins on Africa's canon within the canon: "Here is my unscientific rule: if Martin Luther treated a biblical book
    with disdain, then that book is really popular in
    modern Africa." (subscription required)
  • Steve Thorngate encounters a good-natured protest drummer: "At the corner waiting for the light to change, I stood next to a
    protest drummer who fit the stereotype well: unshorn, unkempt and not
    much over 20. While he drummed away, a man in his 60s joined us at the corner. This man was dressed crisply and professionally."
  • David Heim highlights Century contributing editor Jason Byassee's article on Nadia Bolz-Weber and the House for All Sinners and Saints: "An outreach innovator,
    Bolz-Weber is a traditionalist when it comes to matters of liturgy and
    theology. She appears to have a special attachment to the doctrine of original


In the news:

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