Monday digest

October 31, 2011

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New today from the Century:

  • Benjamin J. Dueholm on post-Wobegon politics: "Michele Bachmann's frontrunner moment may be past. But she has shown how
    the Republicans can win in the restless small towns of the swing-state
  • James F. McGrath on Jefferson and the difference between atheism and skepticism: "Whether you are religious or atheist, Deist, Unitarian, or
    traditional theist, it is a mistake to assume that you are above the
    need for caution, skepticism and critical thinking."
  • Mark Labberton blogs the lectionary: "Every pastor needs to
    address the issue of freedom and accountability. It's part of the pastor's role
    in nurturing a church community: neither a laissez-faire atmosphere nor a
    judicial one helps people grow as disciples."
  • Steve Vineberg reviews Moneyball. It "has a slick, entertaining script by two pros, Aaron Sorkin and Steve Zaillian, and it's briskly directed by Bennett Miller." (subscription required)


In the news: