Tuesday digest

September 6, 2011

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New today from the Century:

  • Robert Westbrook on why there was no new New Deal: "In 2008. both enthusiasts and enemies of a new New Deal misjudged Obama. They also misjudged the circumstances he faced." (subscription required)
  • Diane Roth honors workers: "Lack of respect for different kinds of work is everywhere; it's not just
    the man who thinks that I have an 'easy job' as a pastor."
  • Theodore Wardlaw on preaching on 9/11/11: "Of the texts appointed for Sunday, the tenth anniversary of
    what we now simply call 9/11, the Old Testament reading seems most capable of
    responding to the range of emotions we may feel as we remember the atrocities
    of that day."
  • Wardlaw's magazine lectionary column for next Sunday, September 18: When we speak of manna from heaven, we usually do so with a big helping of irony." (subscription required)


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