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New this week from the Century:

  • Our third "ministry in the 21st century" interview: "'It doesn't happen every day,' says Kevin J. Long of Orchard Park
    Presbyterian Church in suburban Indianapolis. 'But it is thrilling to
    see someone begin to grasp the good news of Jesus Christ.'" (subscription required)
  • Debra Bendis reviews Charles Davidson's new van Gogh book: "With the empathy of a
    pastor, Davidson leans into the torment of this man who yearned to follow
    Christ but met discouragement and alienation at every turn."
  • I demonstrate American Public Media's "All-Organ-Blast-N-Make-Younger-Machine."
  • John Petrakis reviews Another Earth, "a Sundance darling that has gained attention by word of mouth, follows
    the latest cinematic trend by combining both genres into one mysterious,
    if uneven, film." (subscription required)


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Steve Thorngate

The Century managing editor is also a church musician and songwriter.

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