Thursday digest

September 1, 2011

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New today from the Century:

  • Lillian Daniel on the spiritual-not-religious: "If we got all these people together, they might
    find out that most of America agrees with them. But getting them
    together would be way too much like church."
  • Why Suzanne Guthrie has tea with her demons: "I want
    to arrive at the kind of equilibrium admired by the
    disciples who broke down the barrier to St. Anthony's fortress. To do
    this, I have to befriend the demons dwelling in the cave of my heart."
  • David Heim on the memorial that misquotes Martin Luther King Jr.: "If you're going to quote MLK, do it right."
  • Don Scrooby on spiritual abuse: "Put people who are not encouraged to think and question and who
    have no confidence in their own discerning abilities together with
    strong leaders who believe exactly how to "interpret" these rules and
    impose them, and you have the ultimate recipe for abuse."
  • Lou Carlozo briefly reviews Francesca Battistelli, who "has proved to be a refreshing breeze in the musty swamp of the Christian music industry."


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