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September 26, 2011

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New today (and Friday) from the Century:

  • Jana Riess on Mormon assimilation: "Mormons are in the familiar situation of being on the
    defensive theologically and politically. But they are also
    in terra incognita: they are viewed as
    leading the way in preserving family values."
  • Peter Marty, do you love people? "A pastor 30 years older than I was interviewing me for my first parish assignment. His final question unsettled me." (subscription required)
  • David Heim comments on the fact that almost a third of wedding couples now choose to have a friend or family member preside: "While real ministers may publicly lament this
    sign of decreasing religiosity, many are no doubt secretly happy to be involved
    in fewer weddings with couples who have no religious inclinations."
  • Harold Bush reviews Susan Harris's book on American involvement in the Philippines at the turn of the 20th century: "Once upon a time, there was a large, wealthy and powerful country that
    wanted to help a smaller, struggling, powerless country find a pathway
    into a more stable, democratic, freedom-loving and civilized future." (subscription required)
  • David Lewicki wants to know what class you are: "I always assumed we were 'upper middle class' with middle-class
    sensibilities. In fact, we probably started that way. But by the time I
    graduated from high school...we were probably rich."
  • Clay Oglesbee blogs the lectionary: "Texts about "striving" make me itch. They bring to mind our
    own cultural commitments to speak about lifting ourselves by our own bootstraps
    to reach high goals."


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