Kristof's lively commenters

August 3, 2011

Nicholas Kristof, who says of
himself, "I'm not particularly religious," nevertheless took time out from his
vacation to lift
the life of evangelical great John Stott. It's unusual to
find a sensitive, nuanced tribute to an evangelical leader in the secular
press, but if anyone can pull it off, it's Kristof, who is trusted and admired
for his tenacious pursuit of social justice in all corners of the globe.

A second "essay" is found in the
comments field (11 pages and growing) of Kristof's
post about the column
. If you want a crash course in religious views of the
reading public, here it is, with a broad undercurrent of scorn for Christians
in the 21st-century U.S. Everyone is represented--from harsh secular liberals
to proselyting evangelicals to atheists who have "evolved" from a Christian
childhood. I was struck by the ease with which commenters jump from thanking
Kristof for the column about one individual back into vituperative generalizing
about (all) evangelicals, or liberals, or Christians.

What comment would you add to the