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March 4, 2011

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State budget issues aren't about a bunch of different things getting too expensive. They're about health care costs.

The budget solution is simple, just, and politically impossible.

The labor gap among voters is as big as the God gap--and the race gap remains much bigger.

This just in: political liberals who look to scripture are heretics.

Rodney King, 20 years later.

The 8-1 ruling on Westboro Baptist offers Adam Serwer evidence that Justice Alito is "wrong, but sweet."

Here's a revisionist defense, in light of Mideast turmoil, of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. As if that war was all about establishing democracy—and as if it was a great success.

The U.S. lost its last World War I vet this week.

A peace activist on the need for a no-fly zone in Libya.

The bishops are urging the Illinois governor to sign the death-penalty repeal into law.

"If you're dying, of course it hurts" -- A lovely article that captures the day-to-day passion of dying and of accompanying a loved one on the journey.

Nice gesture from the pope, but his explanation of John's gospel is unsatisfying.

A thoughtful defense of online M.Div. coursework.

Did Huckabee really misspeak in his birther moment?

What will it take for Newt to lose his unearned reputation as a deep thinker?

Where CBS apparently draws the line for Charlie Sheen.

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