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January 7, 2011

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Egypt Muslims to act as "human shield" at Coptic Christmas Eve mass.

Why the filibuster reform package isn't all that controversial: it doesn't do much. But it may pave the way for more.

Episcopalians remain overrepresented in Congress. Any causation here, or just correlation?

Looks like House Republicans will try to repeal HCR right away after all, forcing Democrats to...defend a good and popular law.

Adam Serwer nails the problem with the new, censored Huck Finn in a paragraph.

How to meet Muslims: A (cinematic) primer.

Nice anecdote on our ridiculous health-care-payment system. "If this is the invisible hand at work, it's giving us the finger."

Fun parody by constitutional law scholar David Cole.

One way to stop a strip club from opening.

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