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November 5, 2010

In the right-hand sidebar of our main blog page there's a feature called "Links from the Editors." This is where we post interesting things we've come across elsewhere and want to share, but without writing a whole blog post about them. Friday afternoon seems as good a time as any to round up the week's links in digest form, so consider this the first of a weekly series.

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Here are this week's links:

Among other things, the election means a setback for net neutrality.

The Democrats used to say that $250k was the high end of middle class. Now they're talking about doubling this already ridiculous number.

A nice reflection on what political power is for.

A great article title from The Other Journal.

There's a new Catholic seminary--in Cuba.

The anti-Anglican Covenant folks are getting organized.

Dreaming about functional divided government.

Lauren Winner highlights Jill Lepore's provocative new book on the Tea Party.

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